Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good/ Bad

Another three months past and I'm finally happy to say we have some exciting updates. First, I will go ahead and tell the bad news. Due to member changes and not having the lenient work/ school schedules we hoped for, we will NOT be playing Forward Ohio Fest 2012. We are very sorry to anyone who was planning on catching our set this year and we'd like to send a special thanks out to Ray for inviting us to play. It will be a great fest and we encourage everyone to go see our friends in Raindance and Code Orange Kids, as well as all the other great bands that are on the bill.

Following an apology for, yet again, another cancellation...
We plan to make it up to Ray and everyone in late July/ early August. We are planning an east coast tour and will be playing almost a months worth of dates from MS, ME, to FL. A rough route is posted below and if you'd be interested in helping with a show, please email us at

After careful consideration, we have decieded to team up with Dim Light Records from Miami, Fl who will be releasing the Waste EP on Cassette Tape. Growing up in the late 80s and  90s, I collected many Classic Rock cassettes from the Beatles to ZZTop so i'm excited to release this EP on Tape. Dim Light Records will also be working with our label mates Full Of Hell so check out their blog. Not only will this be a Seraphim release, this will aslo be a split release with our alter ego, Glass Rivers. Glass Rivers is our Experimental Indie Rock side project and this cassette will serve as our first release of our untitled 6 song EP. These will be limited to 100. We plan to only have 40 on the summer tour and are looking to release them in June. Updates on a specific release date soon.

Track listing for the Waste EP/ Glass Rivers EP

Side A:
1. Frustrations
2. Empty Sea
3. Without A Soul

Side B:
1. Ordinary Place
2. In Transit
3. Worse Days
4. Wasted Youth and Grief
5. Miles
6. In Time

Be sure to download the Waste EP now at
Download the Glass Rivers EP 2 song Sampler at and keep up with GR updates at
Don't Forget, left over merch in our Big Cartel,

Seraphim Summer Tour 2012

18-Tupelo, MS
19- Decatur, AL
20- Athens, GA
21- Rock Hill, SC
22- Greensboro, NC
23- Virginia
24- Baltimore, MD
25- Philadelphia, PA
26- NYC
27- Allston, MA
28- Portland, ME
29- Rhode Island
30- Brick, NJ
31- Morgantown, WV

1- Columbus, Oh
2- Indiana
3- Kentucky
4- Nashville, TN
5- Birmingham, AL
6- Tallahassee, FL
7- Gainesville, FL
8- Tampa, FL
9- Miami, FL
10- Orlando, FL
11- Jacksonville, FL
12- Savannah, GA
13- Atlanta, GA

Monday, January 9, 2012

A new year brings new fears

Hello all, we haven't been very active since we returned from Europe and I apologize for not updating. We were busy with family for the holidays and going through changes, as well as focusing on other music projects. The European tour with Pulling Teeth was an absolute success and we'd like to send a special thanks out to them as well as everyone who supported. If you haven't heard, Pulling Teeth will unfortunately be playing their FINAL SHOW on January 21st in Baltimore at this years A389 Records Bash, along with Eyehategod, Integrity, Gehenna, Megrudergrind, Full Of Hell and many more. See the whole line up at

We are looking forward to 2012. Our only planned show at the moment is April 21st Forward Ohio Fest. We'll have more details on that soon. The line up is full of great bands so we are looking forward to it. We will begin planning a tour around that date soon so look out for more shows in April. The writing process will continue as always and we are expecting an exciting new addition the Seraphim family in March. You may have seen rumours around the net. That info will be announced soon as well. Last but not least, we hope to see most of the US, Canada, Europe and hopefully Austrailia or Japan this year.

Like our Facebook page for frequent updates.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

East Coast/ European Tour Starts Nov 1

That's right! We begin this month and a half journey this tuesday! We hope everyone can come support us as we get ready to step out of our comfort zone and take our first steps touring outside the US. Here's what we have thus far:


11/1- Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton
11/3- Barnesville, OH @ Lakeview House (321West Main)
11/4- Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
11/5- Philadelphia, PA @ The Babary
11/7- New York City @ Acheron

Europe w/ Pulling Teeth

11/11- Hassalt, Belgium @ Carpe Diem
11/12- Aschaffenburg, Germany @ Juz Aschaffenburg
11/13- Widnau, Switzerland @ Stoffel
11/14- Commacchio, Italy @ Voodoo Arci Club
11/15- Novi Sad, Serbia @ Omladisnki Centar CK13
11/16- Budapest, Hungary @ Tundergyar
11/17- Vienna, Austria @ The Arena
11/18- Warsaw, Poland @ Punkt Radio Luxembourg
11/20- Tilburg, Netherlands @ 013

Solo European Dates

11/22- Kortijk, Belgium @ Cinepalace


12/17- Greensboro, NC @ Karate Dungeon
12/18- Charlotte, NC @ Sewercide Mansion
12/21- Decatur, AL @ Planet Avalon

More Dates TBA

Monday, October 10, 2011

Working hard/ Hard at work/ Europe

Time for our monthly update. This week, we have been working hard on booking a tour to our flights out of NYC on November 9th to Brussels, Belgium. We couldn't be more excited! We are officially opening 10 dates with Pulling Teeth in Europe. Dates are from November 11-20. We will properly announce the venues asap! Most importantly, we are doing almost 3 weeks in Europe, alone following the Pulling Teeth dates. We plan to play shows all over Europe, unfortunately excluding the UK. For booking in Europease contact both and

As for dates to NYC, this is what's in the works:

11/1 Nashville, Tn
11/2 Asheville, NC- TBA
11/3 Barnesville, OH- Lakeview House (321 West Main St)
11/4 Baltimore, MD- Charm City Art Space w/ Pulling Teeth and more a389
11/5 Philadelphia, PA- The Barbary
11/6 New Jersey- TBA
11/7 NYC-TBA

Dates from NYC back to our home:

12/16 Washington DC/ Virginia- TBA
12/17 Greensboro, NC- TBA
12/18 Charlotte, NC- TBA
12/19 Rock Hill, SC- TBA
12/20 Atlanta, GA- TBA

for US booking contact

We've also been recording new material, preparing for our second full length! A few of these songs may reach ears in November!

Friday, September 16, 2011

'Waste' OUT NOW!

It's official, our acoustic album is finally up for purchase today! Unfortunately, we decided we weren't ready to release 'Through These Years' and the full version of  'Sleepless' so 'Waste' is the acoustic interperatations of Frustrations, Empty Sea, and Without A Soul. The album also serves as a memorial for my grandmother who was born on September 16, 1932 and past away this past May. She was my heart and there will never be another person to exist that will mean as much to me. Here is the artwork for the album and each individual song artwork:

 Empty Sea:
 Without A Soul:
RIP Rita R Hillhouse, Happy Birthday

Go stop by and give it a listen or purchase it for $3 if you love it.


September 18, 2011- Southeast Hardcore Fest, Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo's. We perform at 3:45pm
September 22, 2011- Fulton, MS @ Wesley House (Charity Show)
October 7, 2011- Tupelo, MS @ The Spot
October 21, 2011- Tupelo, MS @ Good Time Charlie's (Halloween Costume Party)
October 29, 2011- Columbus, MS@ The Princess Theater (Costume party pt.2)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Tour canceled

Sad but true. In the middle of our south eastern tour, our drummer was dealing with severe pain in his back from an inflamed disc. His doctor advised us to come home immediately so he could recieve the proper medical attention. He will be seeing a specialist this week and hopeful be well soon.

Waste EP

The Waste Ep is still set to be released on September 16, 2011. September 16 is a very special date to me (Brian) because it is my Grandmother's birthday that recently passed away this past May. We have uploaded a preview song on our bandcamp. It's the acoustic version of Without A Soul, feel free to head over and enjoy your listen. We look forward to getting these songs in circulation to the public so please help us spread the word. Artwork is still pending.

Listen here:

Seraphim interview /prize package giveaway, "To us the past is equally as important as the present."

"True, fearless expression is rare, and I hope that is what we're doing"

Head over to the blog and get to know Seraphim if you haven't already. Read the interview, listen to a song, check out the review and answer two easy questions to win the band's terrific The Light in the Distance prize package courtesy of ever so reliable and stimulating Chainsaw Safety Records and A389 Recordings! Listen to good music. Win cool stuff.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Waste Artwork

Our good friend Cody Rardin will be handling the artwork for the Waste EP. Everyone should check out his stuff, quality hand drawn work is hard to come by these days. Go to his Tumblr and keep up with what he's doing:

Also, if you have Twitter, you should follow us: @SeraphimMS