Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seraphim/ Rain Dance(Outrage) Tour thus far

The tour has been great, so far. On the way to San Francisico today, Outrage's van broke down. Seems to be problems with the spark plugs. We almost missed the show, but thankfully the promoter and everyone involved was understanding and we made it, late. We have another week or so left on this tour and we are very excited for the rest of the shows.

Our record preorders should be up within the next two weeks on Also, Outrage has officially changed their name to Raindance. The preorders for their new 7" titled "Love Under The Sun" go up this weekend on the Glory Kid Records website. We've had the pleasure of listening to the entire 7" and it is incredible! Definitely one of our favorite bands out now. They are doing great things so check them out

Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Spring Tour

This is the Seraphim homepage for now. I will be posting all news and info on this site, so please help spread the word. 2011 is set to be our biggest year yet! Our new record is set to be released this spring and  preorders will be up very soon on A389 Records/Chainsaw Safety Records. This will be our first official full length and is the most important release in our history yet. It expresses so much about our existence and is the first record written with our permenant line up.

At the moment, the preorders will be a package deal just as our self titled 7" was with the Integrity "To Die For" 10". This time, the package deal will be Seraphim "The Light In The Distance"/ Pulling Teeth "Funerary"/ Pala "We Are Nothing". If  you purchase all three you will recieve a very limited edition item that has yet to be announced! But I will post to let everyone know next week.

Visit this site and learn how to download our wonderful labels 2011 comp:
Tons of great bands and unreleased songs! 2hrs of free music! Don't sleep on it...

Yesterday was the first official day of spring and we've been preparing for our 2011Spring Tour with a truly amazing band called Outrage. This tour has been in the works for a few months and we couldn't be happier that it starts tomorrow! The promotion for our upcoming record "The Light In The Distance", will start with our live set this tour. Please come out and thank you for your support.
Check out the dates below:

Seraphim/ Outrage Spring Tour 2011

22 @ Tsunami                               Monroe, La
23 @ The Pinebox                         Midland, Tx
24 @ The Trainyard                      Las Cruces, Nm
25 @ The Slurp                             Tempe, Az
26 @ Aladdin jr                              Pomona, Ca
27 @ TBA                                     Santa Barbara, Ca
28 @ CYC                                      Fresno, Ca
29 @ Submission Art Gallery        San Francisco, Ca
30 @ Seaman's Lodge                     Nevada city, Ca
31 @ Fort Ryland                           Reno, Nv

1 @ Deathstar                                 Provo, Ut
2 @ Blast O Mat                            Denver, Co
3 @ The Gold Manor                    Albuquerque, Nm
5 @ Brass Bell                               Oklahoma city, Ok
6 @ Elmo's                                     Fort Worth, Tx
7 @ Soundstage                             Conway, Ar