Thursday, October 27, 2011

East Coast/ European Tour Starts Nov 1

That's right! We begin this month and a half journey this tuesday! We hope everyone can come support us as we get ready to step out of our comfort zone and take our first steps touring outside the US. Here's what we have thus far:


11/1- Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton
11/3- Barnesville, OH @ Lakeview House (321West Main)
11/4- Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
11/5- Philadelphia, PA @ The Babary
11/7- New York City @ Acheron

Europe w/ Pulling Teeth

11/11- Hassalt, Belgium @ Carpe Diem
11/12- Aschaffenburg, Germany @ Juz Aschaffenburg
11/13- Widnau, Switzerland @ Stoffel
11/14- Commacchio, Italy @ Voodoo Arci Club
11/15- Novi Sad, Serbia @ Omladisnki Centar CK13
11/16- Budapest, Hungary @ Tundergyar
11/17- Vienna, Austria @ The Arena
11/18- Warsaw, Poland @ Punkt Radio Luxembourg
11/20- Tilburg, Netherlands @ 013

Solo European Dates

11/22- Kortijk, Belgium @ Cinepalace


12/17- Greensboro, NC @ Karate Dungeon
12/18- Charlotte, NC @ Sewercide Mansion
12/21- Decatur, AL @ Planet Avalon

More Dates TBA

Monday, October 10, 2011

Working hard/ Hard at work/ Europe

Time for our monthly update. This week, we have been working hard on booking a tour to our flights out of NYC on November 9th to Brussels, Belgium. We couldn't be more excited! We are officially opening 10 dates with Pulling Teeth in Europe. Dates are from November 11-20. We will properly announce the venues asap! Most importantly, we are doing almost 3 weeks in Europe, alone following the Pulling Teeth dates. We plan to play shows all over Europe, unfortunately excluding the UK. For booking in Europease contact both and

As for dates to NYC, this is what's in the works:

11/1 Nashville, Tn
11/2 Asheville, NC- TBA
11/3 Barnesville, OH- Lakeview House (321 West Main St)
11/4 Baltimore, MD- Charm City Art Space w/ Pulling Teeth and more a389
11/5 Philadelphia, PA- The Barbary
11/6 New Jersey- TBA
11/7 NYC-TBA

Dates from NYC back to our home:

12/16 Washington DC/ Virginia- TBA
12/17 Greensboro, NC- TBA
12/18 Charlotte, NC- TBA
12/19 Rock Hill, SC- TBA
12/20 Atlanta, GA- TBA

for US booking contact

We've also been recording new material, preparing for our second full length! A few of these songs may reach ears in November!

Friday, September 16, 2011

'Waste' OUT NOW!

It's official, our acoustic album is finally up for purchase today! Unfortunately, we decided we weren't ready to release 'Through These Years' and the full version of  'Sleepless' so 'Waste' is the acoustic interperatations of Frustrations, Empty Sea, and Without A Soul. The album also serves as a memorial for my grandmother who was born on September 16, 1932 and past away this past May. She was my heart and there will never be another person to exist that will mean as much to me. Here is the artwork for the album and each individual song artwork:

 Empty Sea:
 Without A Soul:
RIP Rita R Hillhouse, Happy Birthday

Go stop by and give it a listen or purchase it for $3 if you love it.


September 18, 2011- Southeast Hardcore Fest, Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo's. We perform at 3:45pm
September 22, 2011- Fulton, MS @ Wesley House (Charity Show)
October 7, 2011- Tupelo, MS @ The Spot
October 21, 2011- Tupelo, MS @ Good Time Charlie's (Halloween Costume Party)
October 29, 2011- Columbus, MS@ The Princess Theater (Costume party pt.2)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Tour canceled

Sad but true. In the middle of our south eastern tour, our drummer was dealing with severe pain in his back from an inflamed disc. His doctor advised us to come home immediately so he could recieve the proper medical attention. He will be seeing a specialist this week and hopeful be well soon.

Waste EP

The Waste Ep is still set to be released on September 16, 2011. September 16 is a very special date to me (Brian) because it is my Grandmother's birthday that recently passed away this past May. We have uploaded a preview song on our bandcamp. It's the acoustic version of Without A Soul, feel free to head over and enjoy your listen. We look forward to getting these songs in circulation to the public so please help us spread the word. Artwork is still pending.

Listen here:

Seraphim interview /prize package giveaway, "To us the past is equally as important as the present."

"True, fearless expression is rare, and I hope that is what we're doing"

Head over to the blog and get to know Seraphim if you haven't already. Read the interview, listen to a song, check out the review and answer two easy questions to win the band's terrific The Light in the Distance prize package courtesy of ever so reliable and stimulating Chainsaw Safety Records and A389 Recordings! Listen to good music. Win cool stuff.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Waste Artwork

Our good friend Cody Rardin will be handling the artwork for the Waste EP. Everyone should check out his stuff, quality hand drawn work is hard to come by these days. Go to his Tumblr and keep up with what he's doing:

Also, if you have Twitter, you should follow us: @SeraphimMS

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Waste EP

We have some cool things coming up this fall. I'll start by using the time line. We are doing a South Eastern US tour in August, which we have already announced. Dates and venues are at the bottom of this post.



We have new plans for a small self-release. It will be called "Waste" and will include a song from the LP session that didn't make the record called Through These Years, the full version of Sleepless, and three acoustic/experimental interpretations of songs from The Light In The Distance. We tossed around the idea for a while and we're excited for people to hear this stuff. Artwork will be posted soon.


Hate5six DVD

We are also very honored to be apart of the Hate5Six Diaries DVD benefiting One Hundred For Haiti. The dvd is for a great cause and will include these 18 bands:
Black Kites
Damnation AD
Have Heart
Iron Chic
Kid Dynamite
Pulling Teeth
The First Step
The Rival Mob
The Suicide File
Touche Amore

We are fortunate to be included with some of our favorite bands, and some of the best upcoming bands to date. No release date is set, but we'll post as we know more. Watch the trailer below:


* dates with Khann

August 2011

21 Chattanooga, Tn @ JJ's Bohemia*
22 Lexington, Ky @tba*
23 Birmingham, Al @ The Firehouse*
24 Augusta, Ga @ Sector7g*
25 Gainesville, FL @ The Junkyard*
26 Orlando, FL @ Hoops Tavern*
27 Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery*
28 Pembroke Pines, FL @ The Talent Farm*
29 Jacksonville, FL @ Shanty Town
30 Savannah, Ga @ The Wormhole
31 Tallahassee, FL @ The Farside
September 2011
4 Houston, Tx @ White Swan
5 San Antonio, Tx @Zombie's
7 Austin, Tx
8 Fort worth @1919 Hemphill
9 Shreveport, La
10 TBA
11 Monroe, La @ Tsunami Bar

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Online Merch Store

Leftover tour merch and music can be found here:

Please visit and pick something up. Thanks for your support!

Tour dates for August/September will be announced this weekend.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Shirt Available!

Thanks to HellFish Family for making this shirt available at

Pick one up today!
We also plan to set up on online merch store in the coming weeks so we can make limited edition tour merch available for you pleasure...

Dig it!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tour ends/ Tour begins

Tour Ends
We just finished a string of south eastern dates with our good friends and label mates, Xibalba from southern California. They are a great band and will be touring Europe and Japan in July and August so be sure to catch their performance!

Summer Tour with Xibalba 2011
June 21 Atlanta, Ga @Wonder Root w/ Xibalba, Foundation
June 22 Orlando, Fl @ Hoops Tavern w/ Xibalba, Axis, Hivemind
June 23 Pembroke Pines @The Talent Farm w/ Xibalba, Hivemind, WeightOfTheWorld, Homestretch and others...
June 24 Jacksonville, Fl @ Unit 8B w/ Xibalba, and others
June 25 Tallahassee, Fl @ The Farside w/ Xibalba, No Humanity, Week End
June 26 Tupelo, Ms @The Spot w/ Xibalba
June 27 Little Rock, Ar @ Downtown Music Hall w/ Xibalba, Jungle Juice, others...

We would also like to apologize to everyone for having to cancel on the Xibalba show at 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth, Tx. We are rescheduling the date for September 9, 2011 if all goes to plan. We'll keep everyone posted.

Tour Begins

In late August we will be doing some more South Eastern US dates with Khan (Black Market Activities) from Orlando, Fl and a solo two week tour in September. Dates below:

Seraphim/ Khan Tour 2011   dates including Khan*

August 21 Knoxville, Tn*
August 22 Nashville, Tn*
August 23 Birmingham, Tn*
August 24 Augusta, * @ Sector 7g
August 25 Gainesville, Fl*
August 26 Tampa, Fl*
August 27 Orlando, Fl*
August 28 Pembroke Pines, Fl @ The Talent Farm
August 29 Jacksonville, Fl
August 30 Savannah, Ga
August 31 Tallahassee, Fl
September 1 Pensacola/ Mobile, AL
September 2 Hattiesburg, Ms
September 3 New Orleans, La
September 4 Houston, Tx
September 5 San Antonio, Tx
September 6 Eagle Pass, Tx
September 7 Corpus Christi, Tx
September 8 Austin, Tx
September 9 Fort Worth, Tx
September 10 Monroe, La

Full US dates for October/ November will be announced shortly!

Here is a video of a partial live set from June 23 @The Talent Farm

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stream Seraphim - The Light In The Distance On Stereokiller!

It has been almost a year since we recorded and we finally have our new record in hand. We couldn't be happier with them. Be sure to pick one up from the A389 Records website or we will have them on tour with us.

From the A389 website...

Our friends at Stereokiller have been kind enough to host the new SERAPHIM album ‘The Light In The Distance’ in it’s entirety. If you haven’t heard of them and like bands like Neurosis, Isis and Baroness be sure to stop by and give it a listen! You won’t be disappointed.

LP is available in the A389 webstore, Expanded CD edition is available via Chainsaw Safety Records. Here’s what they’re saying…
“Seraphim were always a very promising band but this LP finds a band coming into their own and proving that their songwriting chops are not something to be taken lightly. It won’t be long before Seraphim is mentioned alongside bands like Baroness, Kylesa, Torche as heavyweights in the forefront of metal. I cannot recommend this album enough.” - Words Of Evil

“Seraphim, with this release have truly proved capable of making a strong full length while maintaining some semblance of growth withing their sound. This all leads me to believe that if many loud music fans were to give this record the time it deserves Seraphim would become the next Mastodon. The opportunity for this 3 piece to build artistic and likable records is something that many bands never have the capability to do. Hopefully the record buying public agrees and supports them.” - Scenepointblank
From Mississippi come Seraphim. Previously a young band with a promising seven-inch on their back, but in what seems like an instant they’ve become laudable songwriters prone to larger things. The Light showcases a band building on a solid foundation laid down by trailblazers such as Neurosis, Isis (Celestial/Panopticon era), adding touches of early Torche as well. Sounds like the ingredients for the countless clones that came in the wake of the aforementioned bands’ successes. But fret not. Seraphim bring youthful exuberance to the table, as well as the willingness to sprinkle each song with something extra that gives them an edge….Keyboards, e-bow and an array of pedals come into play throughout, only to solidify and diversify the album’s rigid core. The Light In The Distance is a mature, satisfying effort awash with carefully penned songs that are strong, memorable and evocative. - Exclaim!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Light In The Distace mini review

By Birkir Fjalar

    From Mississippi come Seraphim. Previously a young band with a promising seven-inch on their back, but in what seems like an instant they've become laudable songwriters prone to larger things. The Light showcases a band building on a solid foundation laid down by trailblazers such as Neurosis, Isis (Celestial/Panopticon era), adding touches of early Torche as well. Sounds like the ingredients for the countless clones that came in the wake of the aforementioned bands' successes. But fret not. Seraphim bring youthful exuberance to the table, as well as the willingness to sprinkle each song with something extra that gives them an edge. Opener "Growing Apart" would have been at home on a Sigur Rós record and quickly the vocals stand out. They are screams, for the most part, but are in key when the song calls for it, engaging the listener. When the clean vocals emerge, the songs welcome them; it's just the right mix. "The Dust Filled Our Lungs" might as well have been a collaboration with Today is the Day's Steve Austin. By this point I thought I had them figured out but the next song is a banjo number; it is as melancholic as it is pretty ― fantastic. Keyboards, e-bow and an array of pedals come into play throughout, only to solidify and diversify the album's rigid core. The Light In The Distance is a mature, satisfying effort awash with carefully penned songs that are strong, memorable and evocative.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Every Dog Has It's Day

In five days, our new record will be released! After almost a year of hard work and decisions, it will be in your ears. We are obviously very excited! Please visit and pick up a copy on Good Friday. If you aren't into vinyl, there is also a digital verison that will be for sale on the website as well. And if that doesn't suit you and you have to have a physical copy, later in may there will be a CD version released through Chainsaw Safety Records. If you like what you hear on the vinyl, I would recommend, at least purchasing the digital version of the CD version. There will be over seven minutes of additional music that you will not be able to recieve through A389 Records. We'll have more information on the availablity of the CD in the next coming weeks.

Show announcements:
Seems as if we will be canceling our show in Birmingham, AL @The Firehouse on April 20th. We are very sorry for those of you who were interested in attending the show, but...
We are proud to announce that we will be preforming at the first annual Secret Stages Fest in Birmingham, AL! Secret Stages Fest will be held in six different clubs in downtown Birmingham and will include one outside stage. We will announce when and what club we'll be playing this early next week. Visit their website and check out the bands and comedians that will be in action this year!
We have scheduled a seven day tour in June with Southern California's Xibalba!
dates are as follows,
June 21 Atlanta, GA @ TBA w/ Xibalba, Foundation
June 22 Orlando, FL @ Hoops Tavern w/ Xibalba, HiveMind
June 23 Pembroke Pines, FL @ The Talent Farm w/ Xibalba, HiveMind
June 24 Gainesville, FL @ TBA w/ Xibalba
June 25 Tallahassee, FL @ The Farside w/ Xibalba
June 26 Tupelo, MS @ The Spot w/ Xibalba
June 27 Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall w/Xibalba
June 28 Fort Worth, TX @ TBA w/ Xibalba

BTW/ a few pics from the Seraphim/Raindance tour are at the top of the post!
The tour with our friends in Raindance(fka Outrage) ended nicely. It was an incredible tour and we are very thankful for the support of every who came to a show and picked up merch as well as told us how much they enjoyed it and to Dewy for helping us with a place to stay when Raindance was stranded. Check out Raindance's new record that is to be released on GloryKid Records! One of my favorite releases and one of the best bands touring, period. See it all here:

Friday, April 1, 2011

"The Light In The Distance" release date announced!

We are proud to announce that the release date for our long awaited LP is April 22nd!


When do preorders go up? They aren't. A389 records will be making this release
available as an instant purchase: no preorders/no waiting.

A special limited edition pre-release edition of 'Funerary' will be posted for sale at on Good Friday: April 22nd 2011.

Details are as follows:
PULLING TEETH Funerary 2x12" w/Gatefold Cover
250 copies on black vinyl / 250 copies on green vinyl
First come/First serve.

A389 will also be releasing two other highly anticipated LPs that day:
PALA We Are Nothing
SERAPHIM 'The Light In The Distance'

The first 200 people who order all three new albums will also receive
a limited edition PULLING TEETH 'Demo 2005' Flexi 7" FOR FREE
Again, the only way to obtain the PT Demo Flexi is to order all three new LPs.

After that, a single LP edition of 'Funerary' will be available for order on/around
the first week of May for everyone else.

Watch A389 Records for more info on all of that:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seraphim/ Rain Dance(Outrage) Tour thus far

The tour has been great, so far. On the way to San Francisico today, Outrage's van broke down. Seems to be problems with the spark plugs. We almost missed the show, but thankfully the promoter and everyone involved was understanding and we made it, late. We have another week or so left on this tour and we are very excited for the rest of the shows.

Our record preorders should be up within the next two weeks on Also, Outrage has officially changed their name to Raindance. The preorders for their new 7" titled "Love Under The Sun" go up this weekend on the Glory Kid Records website. We've had the pleasure of listening to the entire 7" and it is incredible! Definitely one of our favorite bands out now. They are doing great things so check them out

Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Spring Tour

This is the Seraphim homepage for now. I will be posting all news and info on this site, so please help spread the word. 2011 is set to be our biggest year yet! Our new record is set to be released this spring and  preorders will be up very soon on A389 Records/Chainsaw Safety Records. This will be our first official full length and is the most important release in our history yet. It expresses so much about our existence and is the first record written with our permenant line up.

At the moment, the preorders will be a package deal just as our self titled 7" was with the Integrity "To Die For" 10". This time, the package deal will be Seraphim "The Light In The Distance"/ Pulling Teeth "Funerary"/ Pala "We Are Nothing". If  you purchase all three you will recieve a very limited edition item that has yet to be announced! But I will post to let everyone know next week.

Visit this site and learn how to download our wonderful labels 2011 comp:
Tons of great bands and unreleased songs! 2hrs of free music! Don't sleep on it...

Yesterday was the first official day of spring and we've been preparing for our 2011Spring Tour with a truly amazing band called Outrage. This tour has been in the works for a few months and we couldn't be happier that it starts tomorrow! The promotion for our upcoming record "The Light In The Distance", will start with our live set this tour. Please come out and thank you for your support.
Check out the dates below:

Seraphim/ Outrage Spring Tour 2011

22 @ Tsunami                               Monroe, La
23 @ The Pinebox                         Midland, Tx
24 @ The Trainyard                      Las Cruces, Nm
25 @ The Slurp                             Tempe, Az
26 @ Aladdin jr                              Pomona, Ca
27 @ TBA                                     Santa Barbara, Ca
28 @ CYC                                      Fresno, Ca
29 @ Submission Art Gallery        San Francisco, Ca
30 @ Seaman's Lodge                     Nevada city, Ca
31 @ Fort Ryland                           Reno, Nv

1 @ Deathstar                                 Provo, Ut
2 @ Blast O Mat                            Denver, Co
3 @ The Gold Manor                    Albuquerque, Nm
5 @ Brass Bell                               Oklahoma city, Ok
6 @ Elmo's                                     Fort Worth, Tx
7 @ Soundstage                             Conway, Ar